Plot Inspection

Tenants are expected to maintain their plots to an acceptable standard with regard to good horticultural practice and to maintain an acceptable level of cultivation. Where it is considered that plots are being neglected the plot holder will be duly advised and a sequence of actions will be taken to encourage the plot holder to improve their plot or their tenancy will be terminated according the procedure set out in appendix1 to the Rules. Note: The Management Committee will conduct monthly Allotment Plot & Site checks from Mar – Oct and then on an Ad-hoc basis should the need arise.

The Plot Inspection Policy outlines the reasons why we inspect, and also how and when the inspections take place. Problem areas are marked and scored and the final score is arranged into a Red, Amber, Green criteria. Attached is a graph which is used to capture trending and problem areas that might need to be addressed.

Plot Inspection Checklist

Plot Inspection Example

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